Kaplanis Family

We are a family-run business, fascinated by olives and olive oil. We embrace them as producers, scientists and ambassadors of their beneficial value for human health. Our family has been growing together with the olive trees in Halkidiki and Peloponnese, creating across generations a powerful symbiotic relationship with them. Inspired from it, we are here now to share with you the most valuable treasures of the Mediterranean nature.


Family History

Let’s travel back in time: our great-grandparents were cultivating the olive groves, learning the agricultural secrets to the most fruitful way of growing olive trees.

Years later, by studying in the field of Agricultural Science, our new generations combined those old wise practices with scientific knowledge, integrating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. Raised among with the olive groves and charmed by the magic of nature, we learned to appreciate the Mediterranean way of life.

In 2018, we decided to create a space in Polychrono of Halkidiki, where we could share our passion with everyone by offering our favorite olive products.


Our Vision

Products derived from the olive fruit have been scientifically proven to provide multiple benefits for our health in both diet and beauty care.

Our primary mission is to share this knowledge around these benefits and to make the fruits of this ancient natural treasure accessible to more households around the world. In this way, we might be able to accomplish our goal, that is the inclusion of olive products in the daily life of every family.



Production & Process

Our olive groves are based in Halkidiki and Peloponnese.
In Halkidiki, we produce the edible Halkidiki variety olives, while in Peloponnese, we mainly produce our extra virgin olive oil by cultivating Athinoelia, Manaki and Olympia varieties.

After handpicking the olives at autumn, for producing edible olives, we pitter the olives and keep them stored in barrels. For the olive oil production, the olives are being cold pressed at the olive oil press factory that is closest to every olive grove. Then, after the the fresh olive oil is filtered, the it is analyzed in order to be categorized in its appropriate quality class as Premium, Extra Virgin or Virgin. Lastly, the packaging process occurs at nearby trustworthy and certified standardization factories.


Our Store

We will be happy to see you coming to visit us at our physical store in Halkidiki, so we can meet each other in person and have a chance to taste our olive production!