Olive’s Life offers you the following options for the payment method of your order:

  1. By Cash on Delivery

You will pay upon receipt of the products you have ordered at the location you have indicated to us.

Cash on delivery is a secure method of paying for purchases. Upon receipt of the products you have ordered, you also pay the amount owed to the employee of the courier company that delivers the order.

This method is only available for destinations within Greece and Cyprus.

The maximum order amount that can be paid by cash on delivery is €200.00.

  1. By Paypal
  2. By Deposit to a Bank Account (transfer)

If you do not have a credit card or the cash on delivery method does not work for you, you can pay for the order by bank transfer.

In this case, the order remains in a “pending” state after its registration, until the deposit of the entire amount is confirmed, to the following bank account:




Account number: 52 2609 1535 285

IBAN: GR34 0172 2260 0052 2609 1535 285

Depending on the inter-bank system, it’s estimated for 1 to 5 days till the bank transfer is completed and located in our account.

In the meantime, we are going to process your order but we will ship it only after we will review the incoming transfer in our bank account.

For further information, please send us via email or phone (WhatsApp / Viber available):

WhatsApp / Viber: 00306949543942

The process of processing and confirming your order is immediately followed. In case of non-receipt of the entire amount within 5 calendar days, your order will be canceled free of charge and the sales contract will be considered as never concluded. You will be sent a relevant message of cancellation of your order request to the e-mail address and/or mobile phone number you have registered with us. In case of cancellation or modification of your order until the shipment of the product(s), an interest-free refund procedure will be followed, after contacting you by phone, in order to give us the bank account number to which you wish the deposit to be made.

In payments by bank transfer, the order is sent only if the transfer is made at the expense of the sender (“OUR”, not “SHA”) and if the reason for the transfer includes the number of the order it concerns, so that it can be identified.

All payment transfers must be made in our store’s billing currency (EUR).